Norbury Mews


Norbury-Mews-newWe need your help Norbury!

We are still trying to secure planning consent, therefore need your continued support. If you would love to see an Antic Collective Pub in Norbury please follow this link to express your support

Norbury Mews Planning Public Comment

Feb ’16 Update

 We have now amended our current planning application and we’re hoping we’ll be granted consent shortly, however we still have a public consultation to go through so we hope we can rely on the much valued support that the residents of Norbury have been so vocal about.  Look for another update soon.


Oct ’15 Update

Having met with Croydon Council earlier this week, we are delighted to announce that they have now decided not to refuse our planning application. Instead they are going to work closely with us to make some minor changes to our plans and ensure we deliver a great pub to Norbury.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has continued to support the project. We could not have done it without you!

Sept ’15 Update

Thank you most sincerely for your fantastic support for our planning application.

155 letters of support is truly humbling, however it hasn’t managed to persuade the Council that this warrant the application being heard at a public planning Committee where we could present our case to Councillors.

Whilst the planners support the general principle, they have taken issue with some elements of the design, but had indicated that with so many letters in favour it should go to Committee. They have now decided that they do not need to do this, which does appear to be particularly undemocratic given that 3 letters of objection would have ensured a hearing at Committee.

All very frustrating. We emailed Norbury Ward Councillors at the end of August asking for their assistance, but alas no response as yet.

We shall continue to fight for this application and hope that you will continue to support our endeavour.

Our sincere thanks again to you all.

Aug ’15 Update

So we were rather hoping to be providing you with good news on the planning front by now but alas, we are still awaiting a decision on our application.

Whilst Croydon Council are broadly supportive of the scheme, in part no doubt due to the massive local support for which we thank you, they appear to have some issues with the design (we rather like it). It is likely that the application will go to a planning committee in September with a recommendation for refusal. This will be our opportunity to persuade Councillors that they should grant permission. We believe we have a good chance of doing so.

Thank you for all your support and fingers crossed that we shall get the green light required in September so that we can move forward with delivering a good pub for Norbury at the earliest opportunity.