Pop-up Foyer Bar Opening Thursday 10th December

After a number of false dawns we are delighted to announce that work has now begin on our Foyer pop-up pub and will open just in time for the festive season on Thursday 10th December. Please pop in for a festive brew and a marvel.
Thank you all for your kinds words of support and we very much look forward to seeing you soon.

December 2014 Update

We have had a number of emails in recent days that suggest that some further indication of our plans for the EMD Granada would be helpful at this time. Whilst we are still some way from finalising matters and have many challenges yet to meet, I can confirm that both the listed nature of the building and a 1000 seater auditorium are, and will remain, key elements of our proposals. We have always intended that the building should once more be an entertainment venue, not just an enormous pub, and thus if it is to succeed in the decades to come, it must have a varied, wide ranging and sustainable offer, which is relevant to modern Walthamstow. Thousands of patrons frequented the building when first commissioned in the 1930s and we wish to see these glory days return, albeit in a more inclusive, varied and dare I say, quirkier fashion. To that aim, our current proposals include the 1000 seater auditorium, bars/pubs, restaurants, jazz/cabaret/cinema club, boutique B&B, rooftop garden and summer performance/cinema space, cafes and some residential to assist in providing the financial wherewithal to deliver it all. We hope to provide a little bit of something to everyone and to do so in a significantly shorter timeframe and with greater surety, than the expensive and less than certain CPO route previously proposed.

It is rather too early to confirm what will be consented by the good folk of Waltham Forest Council and English Heritage, and indeed who will operate what, but we very much hope that our plans will receive public support and sincerely hope that we can reach an agreement with Soho Theatres to operate the auditorium. We have had very encouraging discussion with all parties thus far whilst we finalise the detail of our proposals, these will continue.

Thank you to those who have taken the time to make contact and a very merry Christmas to one and all.

EMD Walthamstow

We are delighted to announce that we have reached an agreement to acquire the former EMD Cinema, Walthamstow, from UCKG, and are extremely grateful to them for enabling us to do so and for their custodianship over the years. We are fully conversant with its most recent history and welcome the opportunity of being able to breathe life back into this beautiful entertainment venue, and in so doing, put the building firmly back at the heart of Walthamstow. Plans are currently being pulled together to facilitate the required investment and we look forward to working with our partners, both old and new, to ensure a bright future for the EMD. It has lain fallow long enough and thus we shall lose no time in moving things forward…