Dogstar Brixton – The VIP Room

If ever a room was designed for a party, it’s the VIP room at Dogstar. The room is at the top of the building and separate from the main room and ballroom, so your party will be completely private. It is kitted out with it’s own bar and is perfectly equipped with DJ set up and connections from MP3’s and Laptops. With great lighting, minimal furniture and plenty of floor space, this room is definitely designed for dancing!

Details, Tech Spec & Menu


Capacity150  standing
Costs£200 & £150 deposit refundable on £1500 min. bar spend
PaymentsFull payment must be made in two weeks after provisional booking.
FoodAt Dogstar, it's all about the Pizza. Cooked from fresh, we offer a delicious range, which can be pre ordered for your party.
DrinksThe VIP room has a bottle bar that is well stocked with a range of house wines, spirits and beers. Draft beers can be bought in the main bar and taken upstairs, but be sure you tell the bar staff that you are in the VIP so that your drinks can be added to your bar spend.
DecorationPlease feel free to decorate to your hearts content
EntertainmentThe room is not large enough for bands but is perfect for DJ's. We can also provide a plug in for MP3's and Laptops if you would just like a playlist.
TimingsThe venue is available during pub hours. You must vacate the room one hour before the pub closes but you are welcome to continue your party in the main bar for the last half an hour.
AccessThe room is accessed by four steep staircases. It is not Wheelchair accessible.


Tech Spec

8 x JBL Control 1 Speakers
1 x 18" Bass Speaker
1 x QSC Amplifier
1 x Miltec Amplifier
1 x Behringer EQ / Limiter (Tamper Protected)
1 x Pioneer DJM600
2 x Pioneer CDJ's

Please call Rob on 02077337515 or email for any technical enquiries.


Pizza Menu

Specials are on our board in the main bar area & vegan options are available on request

All of our Pizzas are made with fresh, handmade dough, local ingredients and are stone baked by our Sicilian chef

MandorlaHome roasted peppers, spiced chicken & almond flakes£8
SantoHome roasted aubergine, chorizo & chicken supported by a double cream base£8
Zeff Hunks of Mozzarella with chef's own pesto, cherry tomatoes and Parma ham.£9.50
Agricoli (V)Grilled artichoke and honey roasted aubergine, Mozzarella & soft goats cheese coloured with sun dried tomatoes£8
Pepperade (V) Roasted peppers, Jalapeno peppers & sliced red onion£8
Margherita (V)The classic tomato base, Mozzarella & fresh Basil leaf£5
PepperoniHomemade pesto base, spiced pepperoni, mushroom & Mozzarella£7
Meat LoverTomato base, spicy pepperoni, Spanish chorizo, honey roasted ham & British pork sausage.£8
Hot & SpicyChorizo, fiery Jalapenos, green chilli, home roasted peppers & basil leaf£7.50
Porkies –Double cream base, chunky chipolatas, British Stilton, tender stem broccoli topped with a garlic, chilli & basil garnish£8
Courgi (V)Chopped courgette, smooth Goat’s cheese, red onion and succulent sun dried tomato£7.50
MarinellaFinely sliced anchovies peppered with capers & a sprinkling of oregano.£7.50
Ham & MushroomHoney roast ham with our signature mushroom topping£7
Choki (V)Double cream base,  marinated artichokes, pungent Gorgonzola cheese, mushrooms & red chillies£8
CrudoPistachio cream base, Buffalo mozzarella, Parma ham, marinated artichokes & sweet cherry tomatoes£9.50
Calzone (Vegetarian option available)Pizza, folded and baked with pepperoni, mushrooms, tender stem broccoli and mozzarella filling, topped with chef’s signature chilled tomato sauce£8.50
Garlic Pizza Bread (V)Garlic on a round dough base, lightly sprinkled with mozzarella£3.50